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What do you know about the thriving tech industry of Thessaloniki? Is this industry for you? How does one enter? What kind of knowledge and skills are required?

Are you ready for a shortcut to a better life?

IT and Technology are terms familiar to those who actively participate in the digital ecosystem, while, at the same time, they sound distant and somewhat challenging to those observing from afar.

Is it for me or is it just for those whom I know, see, and interact with?

How they have claimed their life-changing career opportunity?

How did they make it happen?

It is justified to wonder, especially if this is your first attempt to get to know the industry. Fortunately, one’s entry in the field has never been easier. The unprecedented growth of technology over the past few years, as well as the phenomenal impact of computer program technology in productivity and in the advancement of processes and products, have set human capital as top priority and as key for the achievement of future goals.

Are you a STEM graduate? A college student in your final-year? A self-taught programmer? A professional active in a relevant field wishing to claim an exciting and fulfilling career in tech?

If you belong to any of the above categories, then TechPro Academy is for you!